About Addiction Counseling Institute

At Addiction Counseling Institute, our speciality is training addiction counselors. Founded in 2010, we are committed to providing the most advanced, empirically based material to meet our students’ needs in both online and in person instructional environments.

Center of Educational Excellence

Our mission at Addiction Counseling Institute is to provide cutting edge education that is both convenient and affordable to students and professionals. Our courses are administered by experienced addiction treatment professionals that are passionate about what they do and have decades of experience. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest treatment modalities and practices.

Our Credentials

We are an approved education provider for the Florida Certification Board, which is the independent certifying agency responsible for certifying professionals working in the field of addiction treatment. Individuals who are looking to obtain certification in Florida are required to complete the 350 hours of education that we provide at Addiction Counseling Institute. In addition, the Florida Certification Board requires certified professionals to complete continuing education credits on an annual basis to renew their certification with an approved education provider, and we also provide the continuing education required courses.