Frequently Asked Questions

What certification courses do you offer?

We offer class packages that meet the education requirements for all the certifications, including the Certified Addiction Counselor and the Certified Addiction Professional. To learn more about the individual course offerings we provide, please visit our Certification Course List page.

Do you provide the certification directly?

Addiction Counseling Institute is not a certification body; rather, it is a fully approved education provider of the Florida Certification Board. We are responsible for providing the required education for addiction counseling certification and continuing education units for professionals, and the Florida Certification Board is responsible for certifying all addiction counselors in the state of Florida.

What do I receive when I complete a course or certification program?

You receive a certificate with your name on it that is used to verify your successful completion of the program or module.

How long will my credential be valid?

Once you are certified by the Florida Certification Board, you will be asked to recertify every year. You will also be required to take a certain amount of continuing education credits or CEU’s each year to remain in good standing.

Are there other states that recognize Florida Certifications where I can use my certification or CEUs?

The Florida Certification Board is a participating member of the IC & RC meaning that certain certifications maybe reciprocated in other states

How much does it cost? Are there other state fees that I need to pay in order to become certified?

Our courses cost $10 a unit, although there is a significant discount available depending on how many courses you plan to enroll in.

How long does it typically take to complete the courses?

Much of our online learning is self paced. It depends on your own personal schedule; students can complete the online classes required to become a certified addiction professional in as little as a few weeks, or they may take a more measured approach and finish in 12 months. A lot of this comes down to your current employment and life situations, personal learning style, and familiarity with the online format. Our face to face learning environment lets you complete the full course load in 12 months.

When can I start?

You can start courses right now if you are doing them in the online format. If you prefer in person instruction please contact us to find out the next course start date.